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Marketing Videos

Engage & Convert

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Share your message on your website or on social media with my mobile-responsive videos. I also offer private video hosting and an unbranded html5 video player.

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Online Spokespersons

Your 24/7 Ambassador

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2D, 3D Avatar or Human Spokespersons overlaid on to any webpage with a call to action or a countdown timer to help with conversions 24 hours a day.

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Friendly Support

I'll Be There For You

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Busy business owners or etnrepreneurs do not always have the time to negotiate a steep learning curve to solve technical issues. I do, and I will help you.

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The Avatar Overlay

Another service I am pleased to offer is the Avatar overlay. This enables you to have a 24/7 spokesperson converting customers into buyers.

A human avatar

Highly effective and trust building. The actor is filmed on a green screen and then I do my magic to end up with a natural looking spokespoerson for your website.

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2D / 3D Avatar Animations

Still very effective and trust building. Your choice of 2D or 3D avatars to help with your conversions. All avatars can come with count-down timers or calls to action.

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Video Overlay Avatars

Transform your video presentation with a live-actor spokesperson overlay on part or all of your sales message. Adds brand-awareness, authority and trust.

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